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Before Treatment 
  • Avoid injectables: fillers 8 weeks, botox 3 weeks prior to receiving Face Sculpting w/ Buccal Massage
  • No prescription retinol use 3 days before
  • No chemical or physical exfoliation day before

Please be mindful if you’re not feeling well or have been exposed to COVID-19. Last minute cancellation are accepted. Thank you.

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Face Sculpting w/ Buccal Massage

Dilara’s natural face sculpting massage has the following benefits:

  • Tones complexion by manually exfoliating skin while being massaged
  • Enhances your natural beauty
  • Increases blood circulation which provides collagen production
  • Improves lymphatic flow which depuffs your face and neck
  • Strengthens and tones facial muscles
  • Balances the flow of the life force energy

Buccal massage which is part of this service also known as intra oral technique maximizes the relaxation of the most stressful muscle which is our masseter. It significantly reduces pain associated with TMJ, gives you a sharper definition of jawline and overall  improves the top and  lower part of your face. I also include neck, decollete, shoulders and scalp massage in this service. I have created my unique massage by combining a series of techniques which have an effect on your skin as a natural facelift.

  60 minutes  – $ 300 | $450 (NYC Appointments)

  90 minutes  – $ 450 | $600 (NYC Appointments)


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